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The book of songs, Daya, juan'a

The Phoenix is singing, and it is in Gaogang;

Phoenix tree is born in Chaoyang.

In ancient times, there was a saying that "planting trees to attract Phoenix". Since Wutong is not only Wutong, it has the meaning of Gao Jie's good character in ancient poetry. The Phoenix sings harmoniously, the song flies the hill;

Parasol tree grows long and wears a brilliant Chaoyang to symbolize the beauty of Gao Jie. We hope that we can plant the Wutong tree with our own hands, and see that it grows strong and leads to Phoenix habitat.

Wutong culture company

Wutong Culture Publishing Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, mainly produces simplified Chinese books and peripheral products, and the publications are all non deleted versions.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is used to print, publish and distribute in Hong Kong. We hope that our company can provide a free and happy platform for all authors, and provide readers with books to enjoy and collect.

We are overjoyed at the birth of every book,

It is the crystallization of the author and belongs to the every support.

The brand-new us may not have strong branches,

But whether the north wind is bleak or the sun is baking.

Will still be in place waiting for Phoenix's return.

Do not seek a leaf to know autumn, but to live in the sun.

When the branches are in full bloom,

Wish Phoenix, it's you.

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